At Mandel & Wirth we work with tailor-made services to accompany the different stages of our Clients, permanently delving into cultural, contexts and business aspects.

Our mission is to make each customer’s culture our own, to enhance teamwork, based on the identity and strategy of each company.

We work with large corporations, medium-sized companies and SMEs.

Talent Search


We have a broad executive base, product of our experience of more than 20 years in the labor market.

Middle Management

We evaluate the candidates with a holistic approach. We detect the managerial potential of future leaders.

Young Talents

We recruit with innovative and playful techniques that allow evaluating new generations, without work experience

Talent Development

We detect and boost Talent. 

We carry out Potential Identification and Development programs adapted to different career stages and different types of businesses. We seek to be innovative and achieve transformative experiences for our clients.


Career Transition Program

At Mandel & Wirth we accompany your decisions. Career Transition Program- We provide personalized support and empower displaced employees at all levels to transition to new career opportunities.


We facilitate complex decision making, with fast, clear and efficient diagnostic tools.


We know the emotional stages that people go through in this type of process. We work to create, in the face of adverse situations, a learning and growth experience. We provide multiple tools for rapid job reintegration.

HR Processes

We design and implement HR processes, taking into account the timing and context of each company.

HR Structure, Policies and Processes

We accompany the RH Strategic Planning and the growth of the HR area in each organization.

Job descriptions

We prepare Job Descriptions Guides, specifically adapted to the needs of each business.

Performance management

We diagnose and work together with HR to optimize the way of evaluating and giving feedback, according to each organizational culture.

Goal Setting Process

We facilitate the Cascade Objective Setting Process, using a methodology that guarantees their setting in the short term.


We design CREATIVE Trainings

Staff pick

  • Assertive job interviews
  • Competencies detection in Individual Interviews and Assessment Centers


  • How to evaluate with assertiveness
  • Difficult Conversations: Positive and Negative Feedback
  • How to guide and boost the development of employees
  • How to observe Competences on the job


  • Keys to Leadership
  • Managing the new Generations
  • How to create high-performance teams

Goal setting

  • How to set SMART Goals