Construction and development of teams

We work as strategic partners, YOUR HR Partner that responds to the specific business needs of our clients. We understand that each company has a strategy, and an identity. We make the culture of each client our own, to work based on YOUR HR Partner aligned to this identity.

Due to our extensive experience in Human Resources management in different businesses and markets, we can better understand the needs, problems and challenges of the companies we advise.


Mandel & Wirth


Degree in psychology. She has been working for 22 years in Human Resources management, both online (HSBC Group, HILTON Corporation), and consulting.

She has carried out Talent Selection and Development processes in more than 50 companies of various kinds (Mass Consumption, Financial Services, Hospitality Industry, Entertainment, Prepaid Medicine, Packaging, Energy, SMEs, etc).

She has implemented competency management processes and participated in cultural change management teams.

She works as an organizational coach, specialist in the development of managerial skills.

She participates in academic activities related to Human Resources training.


Graduate in Psychology and Specialist in Strategic Management of Human Resources.

With more than 20 years of experience in Human Capital processes, both online (Siemens Argentina and Germany) and consulting, participating in numerous local, regional and global projects (Banking, Ratail, Agro, Communications, Oil & Gas, Metalworking Industry, Plastic Industry, SMEs, etc)

Since 2005, she has been working in the consulting field, leading HR strategic planning activities, conducting analysis and design of the organizational structure, coordinating goal setting processes, potential evaluations, and evaluation of profiles focused on professional development.

She works as an organizational coach.